cd collection
Here is my current cd collection. I recently got a car so I've begun collecting cds to use in there and because I think physical media is really cool. I hope to get a portale cd player but for now my only way to listen to my collection is in my car. This collection is not including my childhood cds currently. I also want to begin burning cds because it was fun to decorate cds as a kid.

Before getting this cd I was only familiar with "Haitain Fight Song" and "The Clown", but I was familar with a lot of Mingus stuff. I'm a big Mingus enjoyer. I really like every track on this cd and I listen to it everyday when I drive around. Also fun story, when I bought this cd they forgot to actually give me the cd and I only noticed once I was at home. I had to go back to the store I bought it at days later and they gave it to me. :)

I got this cd because I had listened to "Bolero" and really enjoyed it but I hadn't really listened to anything else Pink Martini. Ngl I still haven't listened to this cd but I will soon. I also really like the design of this cd."

about cd wishlist: I get most of my cds from a used book store so the selection varies everytime I go. This list is the list of cds I would love to have and I look out for when shopping for cds.
atomic mr basie: I really want this cd. I love this albumn. One time I was out and I found a viynl of this albumn and I kinda regret not getting it. (to do: fav albumns, music player, concert log?, fav songs by genre kinda (jazz, classical, ect...), cd wishlist, info on each cd in my collection, MAKE TEXT READABLE!!! (color white? add boxes or something idk yet))