This page needs a lot of work but basically the plan is when you click the camera it will lead to a new page with info on the camera and then all the pictures i took with it :)also the background is a picture i took in a mall from my first roll of film! most of my film photos are kinda shit because i just kinda picked some settings and then never changed it and im also way too lazy to edit my photos. ive editted a few for a thing sent to a photography teacher who never responded but the most i do is rotate pictures i took vertically than turn on horizontal because that's how cameras work.
to do (notes so i dont forget stuff! feel free to read but the writing is very bad because it's just a reminder/brainstorm (thats actually all the text on this page currently. just me rambling)): maybe have a little drawing of me with a camera, add the rest of my camera collection (all of them), also have a section for collages made using my photography. also section about using audacity to distort photos because i think that's super cool. have all my cameras scoll and when you click it takes you to the gallery and info. also have scans of all the film boxes ive used and maybe pictures of the rolls because i think they are cool. i really like my expired roll of film from 2001 im very excited to talk about that and my floppy disk camera!! for the scroll thing make a div with a clear background, and then maybe below have a text box, also somewhere have the drawing mentioned earlier!